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Verein Südtiroler Geschichte/Bozen

Roland Lang
Laubengasse 9
39100 Bozen

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DP-art Gmbh

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effekt! GmbH
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Exhibition curators
Dr. Hubert Speckner and
Sylvia Speckner. M.A. (Vienna)

Translation from the German language
Studio Traduc, Bozen


Exhibition committee Chairs

Provincial MP (ret.) Dr. Bruno Hosp/Klobenstein

Provincial MP (ret.) Dr. Eva Klotz/Bozen

Provincial MP (ret.) Dr. Franz Pahl/Welsberg-Taisten


Exhibition Committee Members

Dr. Helmut Golowitsch
Altenberg bei Linz

Prof. Dr. med. Erhard Hartung
Innsbruck and Meerbusch (Germany)

Christoph Mitterhofer

Dr. Herlinde and Mag. Klaudius Molling

Efrem Oberlechner

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Reinhard Olt

Dept. Head (ret.) Dr. Othmar Parteli

P. Prof. Mag. Reinald Romaner OFM

Attorney-at-Law Mag. Andreas Schwaighofer


1.1 Sepp Mitterhofer

Unterhasler farmer in Obermais/Meran

* Feb. 22, 1932 + Nov. 21, 2021

A leading member of the Liberation Committee of South Tyrol (BAS), Chairman of the South Tyrolean Heritage Association (SHB) from 1990 to 2011, and initiator of this exhibition.

After the “Night of Flames” in 1961, Sepp Mitterhofer was imprisoned and subjected to merciless torture. At the First Milan Trial of 1964, he was sentenced to twelve years imprisonment, serving almost eight years behind bars.

The verdict encompassed several different crimes:

  • Possession of explosives – 8 months;
  • An attack on railroad transportation security (two cases) – 2 years and 4 months;
  • An attack on electrical stations (several cases) – 1 year and 6 months;
  • An attack on the Constitution – 5 years and 4 months;
  • Political conspiracy – 1 year and 4 months;
  • A serious case of property damage – 9 months.


The District Attorney had demanded a total of 16 years and 4 months of imprisonment.

After the incarceration of Sepp Mitterhofer, ownership of the family farmstead, the Unterhaslerhof in Obermais, had to be transferred to his eldest son in order to prevent it from being seized by the Italian state.

Sepp Mitterhofer devoted his life to the freedom of South Tyrol and the reunification of Tyrol.


Bronze bust by Michael Burger