This exhibition can offer only a limited view of the situation of South Tyrol in the 1960s. The “South Tyrol Conflict” culminated during those years, which were so “many-facetted” that this exhibition seeks in particular to generate interest in the events of that era – which had a major impact on South Tyrol’s path to freedom.

This exhibition therefore focuses on those persons who were willing to make a “sacrifice for freedom” – the activists and sympathizers of the “South Tyrolean Liberation Committee” (BAS). Must one must not forget the contribution of all those people who were themselves victims during the years of the “South Tyrolean Conflict.”

Printing information

Verein Südtiroler Geschichte/Bozen

Roland Lang
Laubengasse 9
39100 Bozen

Exhibition design
DP-art Gmbh

Graphic design
effekt! GmbH
Neumarkt an der Etsch

Exhibition curators
Dr. Hubert Speckner and
Sylvia Speckner. M.A. (Vienna)

Translation from the German language
Studio Traduc, Bozen


Exhibition committee

Ing. Winfried Matuella/Innsbruck

Meinrad Berger
Südtiroler Heimatbund/Bozen

Dr. Erhard Hartung

Dr. Bruno Hosp

Dr. Eva Klotz

Roland Lang
Südtiroler Heimatbund/Terlan

Christoph Mitterhofer

Dr. Herlinde und Klaudius Molling

Efrem Oberlechner
Südtiroler Schützenbund

Dr. Othmar Parteli