Beginning in 1956, South Tyroleans of all ages gathered around Sepp Kerschbaumer (from Frangart near Bozen) in order to demonstrate against the increasingly desperate situation of the German-speaking populace.

At about the same time, a group of the BAS formed in northern Tyrol – joined also by people from other Austrian states and students from Germany.

The total of about five groups of persons belonging to the BAS had only loose contact amongst each other. Further, its members belonged to various different directions and ideologies.

All BAS activists were united in the desire to do something for the situation of the German-speaking populace of South Tyrol. All of them were willing to make a “Sacrifice for Freedom!”

They did that although it was clear that Italy reacted with extreme reprisals against BAS activists, including torture. After the murder of the BAS activist Luis Amplatz, it was clear that some segments of the Italian state would not stop at anything, including murder.

The people presented here represent a small section of all BAS activists and sympathizers from South Tyrol and Austria.