On June 25, 1967, several explosions took place at the Porze Gap on the border to eastern Tyrol: A power pole was destroyed and the four Italian soldiers Francesco Gentile, Mario di Lecce, Olivo Dordi, and Armando Piva were killed. According to official Italian reports, the explosive charges were planted by the BAS activists Peter Kienesberger, Dr. Erhard Hartung, and Egon Kufner of Austria.

After the incident at the Porze Gap, Italy raised a veto against the Austrian negotiations to join the E.E.C. (European Economic Community) taking place at that time, and again increased the diplomatic pressure it was exerting against Austria.

In actual fact, numerous documents indicate that the incident could not have happened as is officially claimed even today. In all likelihood, the perpetrators belonged to the Italian intelligence agency and the secret organization “Gladio.”

Up to the present day, Italy has refused to amnesty the alleged perpetrators.


Further information on the incident at the Porze Gap:

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