Homemade timer of the “Zizi” type. This simple homemade timer-detonator contained an acid capsule which had to be crushed to activate the charge. Part of the detonator system consisted of a soft copper tube.

Because of their unreliability, the BAS used the “Zizi” detonators only for their earliest attacks. This is because there were several instances where BAS activists had been injured by them.

(on loan from the Ferdinandeum Tyrolean Provincial Museum)


Further information about the detonation systems used by the BAS:

  • Herlinde Molling, So planten wir die Feuernacht. Protokolle, Skizzen und Strategiepapiere aus dem BAS-Archiv. Bozen 2011. [Herlinde Molling, “How We Planned the Night of Flames,” – documents, sketches, and strategic papers from the BAS Archive. Bozen, 2011.]