In the night of August 4 / morning of August 5, 1963, two power poles were blown up in Sand in Taufers. Only a few hours later, an explosive charge detonated in the Carabinieri barracks in the former railroad building in Sand in Taufers.

The four “Pusterer Buibm” Sepp Forer, Heinrich Oberlechner, Heinrich Oberleiter, and Siegfried Steger carried out the spectacular attack.

In total, explosive charges were planted on three power poles – one charge failed to detonate. The explosive charge in the chimney of the Carabinieri barracks injured two South Tyroleans who were being interrogated by the Carabinieri. Sadly, the four “Pusterer Buibm” had become aware of the fact that their friends had been arrested only after the explosive charge had already been planted.

  • More information can be found in the biographies of the “Pusterer” Josef Forer, Heinrich Oberleiter, and Siegfried Steger (see bibliography).